Laurel Wilt Disease

Laurel Wilt Disease

In 2005, the redbay ambrosia beetle was discovered in Florida.  Since that time every Florida County has been affected by the devastation this small nonnative insect causes. The beetle infects Redbay trees(Persea borbonia), avocado(Persea americana) and other Laurel family trees with a fungus(Raffaelea lauriola).

In 2007, Redbay trees started dying along the highways and Parks in Brevard County. Brevard’s Coastal Conservation Forest at one time contained up to 35% coverage in Red Bays.  Once the tree is diagnosed with the infestation little can be done. Florida’s 30 million dollar avocado industry is now at risk. The impact of this devastation affects birds and wildlife even down to the swallow tail butterfly(Palamedes) which is entirely dependent on the trees for food.

Trial data suggested that macro injections on fungicides could protect mature healthy trees for twelve to fourteen months. Tropic Greenery advised all their customers with Red Bay trees of this infestation and suggested the macro infusion treatment to protect their investments. One customer with a native area full of Red Bay Trees took this threat seriously. Joe Alf tagged specimen Red Bay trees for treatment. All of the tress treated have survived while surrounding properties have lost significant numbers of Redbays.